One Session: On Social Sound
Video Loop 3’46”
Dimensions variable

At opening nights in art galleries, the chatter and conversation of the spectators merge and become an obtuse ambient noise that fills the room of the gallery.

This coexists with the art pieces displayed and is in itself an intangible element in the room.

I draw a parallel between the sound of the opening and the sound of a singing bowl. A singing bowl’s vibrations fill a room with a sustained sound that is associated with meditation.
In One Session: On Social Sound I replace the sound of this instrument for a recorded soundscape of an opening night at a Chelsea Gallery.

By replacing the sound of the bowl for the one in the gallery, in this disjointed context I want to draw attention to the relation between soundscape and the context of a place. How does that alter our mental state while observing the artwork? Would soundscape modify our focus or our associations?