Inner 8

One-channel video installation, sound
01:07, 2017
Time can be conceived as the sequence of fractions, mostly in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds. But we also have other more internal abstract values of measure like tempo. Regarding the latter, I am interested in the personal fractioning of time, particularly the inner tempo, the accuracy of this fraction, and its margin of error. In the inner tempo we create fractions in what we believe to be regular intervals, that timed sequence is separated by counts. In music and dance, we relate to others with these counts generating a dialogue evoked while reading gestures and sounds. So what happens if we are to have that dialogue with ourselves?
If we ignore any auxiliary support of measurement and only use the internal beat as our own metronome, how unequivocal would that be?

Eight individual repetitions of an eight-count choreography are overlapped. Without the use of a metronome, the dancer’s own count varies slightly each time. Although the repetitions are synchronized at the count of one, the singular performance breaks down and multiplies its facets as the piece evolves, revealing a gap between chronometrical time and subjective time. This piece explores the realm of memory as opposed to factual truths. ‘Inner 8’ suggests that the way we remember events and experiences is bespoke to our inner tempo.